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What is Hold Space?

 Hold Space began in March 2014 following a powerful experience I had exploring death.  What would I want from my life?  What do I want to create/manifest/channel/be part of before I die?  The words that were whispered from within were "Hold Space".  Not sure what that meant, I began a journey to find out.  Six months later I was diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer.  What I didn't realize then is that this journey of mine began long, long before that fateful day.

From the beginning HoldSpace.Org was about Community.  Creating.  Creating Community.  Creating Ritual and Beauty and Beautiful Rituals within a Community.  It's about learning to Hold Space for Yourself.  And then, for your Loved Ones, and your Surroundings, Nature, the World.  It's about Generations and the Gifts each generation has to give to one another and each other.  

Little did I know then how much that would come to mean.  HoldSpace.Org has evolved, just as I have.  Won't you join me in CREATING something BEAUTIFUL, something SPECIAL, something HEALING?  

I'll share my space with you.  I'll help you share your space with others.  I'll share myself with you and maybe you will share a little of you with me...and others.  This is my dream and my creation.  


​Explore the spaces within this site.  Maybe, just maybe you'll find something you were looking for.  Maybe you'll find something you didn't know you were looking for.  Maybe something will find you.  Maybe you'll see something you like and come Hold Space with me.​

i invite you to...

BE  Yourself 

BE Still

BE Loved   

I will Hold Space for you

to  Just  BE 

because THAT  is Enough

    -Debora  Granja

Welcome to Hold Space.  Let's Create Something together.